mrbgems list

 Evaluated mrbgems list on Linux/MAC/Windows

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Name Description Platform
macOS Ubuntu Linux Windows
Visual C++ MinGW Cygwin WSL (Bash)
mruby-alarm Alarm Module
mruby-allocate Class allocate
mruby-ansi-colors Extends String class to use ANSI color escape codes.
mruby-argon2 The password hash Argon2, winner of PHC for mruby
mruby-at_exit Kernel.at_exit method
mruby-avl Avl Tree implementation
mruby-aws-s3 Client library for Amazon's (AWS) S3 REST API
mruby-aws-sigv4 AWS Signature Version 4 signing library for mruby. mruby port of aws-sigv4 rubygem.
mruby-b64 Base64 for mruby with streaming interface
mruby-base32 Base32 Encoder/Decoder
mruby-base58 Base58 Encoder/Decoder
mruby-base64 Base64 Encoder/Decoder
mruby-bcrypt OpenBSD-style Blowfish-based password hashing
mruby-bignum Self-contained Bignum implementation for mruby
mruby-bin-mirb-hostbased Hostbased mirb for serial connection
mruby-bin-scite-mruby A SciTE based text editor with mruby scripting extension
mruby-cache mruby inter process share memory cache
mruby-capability Linux Capability Binding
mruby-capacity mruby capacity interface
mruby-catch-throw catch and throw for mruby.
mruby-changefinder Detect change point via continuous outlier and smoothing
mruby-channel named FIFO queue with multithreading
mruby-chrono Steady and System clocks for mruby
mruby-cidr CIDR class
mruby-cipher OpenSSL Cipher wrapper
mruby-clang-plugin clang plugin to check mruby API call mistakes.
mruby-complex Complex numbers.
mruby-concurrently A concurrency framework based on fibers
mruby-config With mruby we continuously switching between Ruby and C code. mruby-config gives you an easy way to maintain configuration values on both sides.
mruby-consul Consul HTTP API Client.
mruby-correlation Array extended for correlation coefficient
mruby-crc Configurable general CRC calcurator for mruby
mruby-criu CRIU, Checkpoint Restart In Userspace for Linux, class
mruby-cross-compile-on-mac-osx Cross compile osx, linux or win32 binary of mruby on Mac OSX
mruby-curl CURL HTTP Client
mruby-curses Curses for MRuby. Links to NCurses or PDCurses.
mruby-datadog Datadog API Client.
mruby-digest MD5, RMD160, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 and HMAC Digests.
mruby-dir Dir Class
mruby-dir-glob File.fnmatch() & Dir.glob()
mruby-discount html generater from markdown using discount
mruby-disque Disque client class
mruby-dll DLL Windows Support
mruby-eject Eject CD-ROM
mruby-env ENV class implementation
mruby-erb Port of CRuby's ERB
mruby-errno Errno module
mruby-etcd Simple etcd API wrapper
mruby-eventfd Eventfd class
mruby-fast-remote-check FastRemoteCheck can perform port listening check at high speed using raw socket
mruby-fiberpool mruby port of fiberpool
mruby-file-access File access class
mruby-file-stat File::Stat class implementation
mruby-float4 small vector classes for mruby
mruby-fluent-logger A structured logger for Fluentd.
mruby-forwardable forwardable module for mruby
mruby-fsm Finite State Machine.
mruby-ftp FTP client library.
mruby-getloadavg Linux getloadavg(3) module
mruby-getoptlong An almost straight mruby port of Ruby's GetoptLong
mruby-getopts GNU getopt for mruby
mruby-getpass Read passwords from the command prompt
mruby-gettimeofday A simple wrapper of `gettimeofday(2)` for mruby
mruby-gntp Growl Notification Transfer Protocol
mruby-growthforecast GrowthForecast client class
mruby-hashie Collection of classes and mixins that makes hashes more powerful
mruby-hibari A Web application framework for Web servers that support mruby and Rack-based API
mruby-hiredis hiredis bindings for mruby.
mruby-hmac Digest::HMAC::hexdigest and Digest::HMAC::digest
mruby-hogun convenient library to build the command line interface.
mruby-http HTTP Parser
mruby-httprequest create http request class
mruby-iconv libiconv interface
mruby-iijson JSON parser and generator
mruby-implerr ImplementationError class
mruby-inotify Inotify bindings
mruby-io-console The implementation of io/console as CRuby.
mruby-io-copy_stream IO.copy_stream method for mruby
mruby-ionice Ionice class
mruby-ipaddr IPAddr class
mruby-javascriptcore bindings to an from JavaScript for JavaScriptCore from WebKitGTK
mruby-json JavaScript Object Notation
mruby-jvm Utility for invoking the JVM
mruby-jwt A mruby implementation of JSON Web Token draft 06
mruby-kmp KMP searching algorithm in mruby
mruby-knn-detector Anomaly detector based on K-Nearest Neighbor
mruby-libhydrogen A lightweight, secure, easy-to-use crypto library for constrained environments.
mruby-limits Const collection of limits.h
mruby-linenoise linenoise for mruby, a line editing library akin to readline
mruby-linux-namespace A mgem to utilize linux namespaces
mruby-lmdb mruby wrapper for Lightning Memory-Mapped Database from Symas.
mruby-localmemcache localmemcache binding
mruby-logger A simple but sophisticated logging utility
mruby-lruc Least Recently Used(LRU) cache using lruc
mruby-lz4 mruby bindings for lz4
mruby-m2x Client library for AT&T’s M2X API
mruby-markdown Markdown library
mruby-marshal Marshal module for mruby
mruby-matrix Matrix and vector library
mruby-md5 MD5 Hash Alghorithm
mruby-merb ERB-like mruby gem
mruby-method A implementetion of class Method and UnboundMethod for mruby
mruby-miniz Ruby interface for Miniz v1.15, a zlib-subset to deflate/inflate and zip/unzip without dir support
mruby-mod-mruby-ext Extended Apache class
mruby-mrbgem-template Generate mrbgem template
mruby-msagent Microsoft Agent
mruby-msgpack MessagePack for mruby.
mruby-mtest Minimum Test Framework
mruby-murmurhash1 Murmurhash1 digest
mruby-murmurhash2 Murmurhash2 digest
mruby-mutex Mutex class
mruby-named-constants Allows dynamically defined constants of (Class|Module) to return the constant name when inspected
mruby-ngx-mruby-ext Nginx ext class
mruby-oauth OAuth class
mruby-onig-regexp Onigumo Regular Expression
mruby-open3 Popen, but with stderr, too
mruby-optparse OptionParser ported to mruby
mruby-opvault decrypt OPVault
mruby-os Determine system and binary capabilities
mruby-ostruct OpenStruct binding in mruby
mruby-otp Generate and verify OTPs (HOTP and TOTP)
mruby-otpauth One time password class
mruby-passwdqc A Password quality checker
mruby-pcre-regexp PCRE - Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
mruby-perlin-noise Perlin noise generator for mruby
mruby-phr mruby bindings for picohttpparser
mruby-pid A PID algorithm library based on Temper
mruby-ping ping hosts using ICMP or ARP packets.
mruby-pjson JSON Parser written in pure mruby
mruby-pkcs5 Provide PKCS5 functionality with mruby-digest
mruby-polarssl SSL and cryptography functionality from PolarSSL in your mruby programs
mruby-poll Low level system poll for mruby
mruby-pong mruby-pong is a simple library for quickly creating web applications in MRuby
mruby-posix_ipc A mgem for access to POSIX IPC API
mruby-postgresql Postgresql adapter for mruby
mruby-proc-irep-ext irep extensions for Proc class
mruby-process Process interface (waitpid, pid, kill, fork, ppid)
mruby-process2 Implementation of the Ruby 2.4.1 Core Library Process for mruby.
mruby-publicsuffix mruby port of publicsuffix-ruby. PublicSuffix can parse and decompose a domain name into top level domain, domain and subdomains.
mruby-pure-regexp Pure mruby Regexp
mruby-qml-parse QML Parser for mruby
mruby-qml-spawn Optimized ruby flavored qml->pure ruby pseudo-compiler
mruby-qrcode Ruby interface to QR Code C Library by Ryusuke SEKIYAMA
mruby-r3 mruby binding for libr3 (path dispatching library)
mruby-rake rake for mruby
mruby-rational Rational class
mruby-redis redis client using hiredis
mruby-redis-ae mruby wrapper for the Redis Ae event loop.
mruby-regexp-pcre regular expression module utilizing PCRE library
mruby-renice getpriority(2)/setpriority(2) for mruby, it like renice(1)
mruby-require require implementation
mruby-research research for mruby
mruby-resource resource binding
mruby-ripemd Ruby interface to C RIPEMD-160 hash-function by Antoon Bosselaers
mruby-romajify Japanese romanization library for mruby
mruby-seccomp libseccomp wrapper for mruby
mruby-secure-compare Secure String comparisons for mruby
mruby-secure-random SecureRandom class
mruby-serialport Serialport support
mruby-set Set class
mruby-sha1 SHA1 Hash Alghorithm
mruby-sha2 SHA2 Hash Algorithm
mruby-shelf modular webserver interface inspired by rack
mruby-shellwords Manipulates strings like the UNIX Bourne shell
mruby-sidekiq-client SidekiqClient class
mruby-signal Signal trap and callback in mruby
mruby-signal-thread Multi thread Signal trap and callback in mruby
mruby-simple-random Kernel#rand and Kernel#srand
mruby-simplehttp Simple http client
mruby-simplehttp-socket Simple http client using mruby-socket
mruby-simplehttpserver SimpleHttpServer class
mruby-simplemsgpack A simple mruby wrapper for msgpack
mruby-simpletest SimpleTest class
mruby-sinatic Sinatra like Web Framework
mruby-singleton Singleton module in mruby
mruby-siphash Message digest by SipHash
mruby-sleep Sleep Module
mruby-smallhttp Small http-client gem for mruby
mruby-specinfra Common layer for serverspec and itamae
mruby-sqlite (Another) SQLite3 mrbgem, aiming for compatability with MRI's sqlite3 gem.
mruby-statemachine a tiny state machine for mruby
mruby-string-crypt implementation of String#crypt
mruby-string-is-utf8 checks if a string is valid utf8
mruby-string-xor XOR two strings
mruby-stringio StringIO class
mruby-strptime Strptime in mruby
mruby-sysconf Sysconf class
mruby-syslog Syslog binding
mruby-sysrandom Secure random number generation for mruby
mruby-tbot MRuby wrapper for Telegram's Bot API
mruby-tempfile Tempfile class
mruby-terminal-table A fast and simple, yet feature rich ASCII table generator
mruby-thread Thread Library
mruby-time-strftime Time#strftime for mruby
mruby-timer-thread Timer Thread class
mruby-tiny-io Tiny IO library for mruby
mruby-tiny-opt-parser Command-line option analysis for mruby
mruby-tinymt random module using TinyMT
mruby-tinyxml2 mruby bindings for TinyXML-2
mruby-tty-screen Detects terminal screen size
mruby-uchardet mruby binding of Mozilla's universal charset detector.
mruby-uname Uname class
mruby-unicode-display_width Monospace Unicode character width
mruby-updategems Rake task to update GEMs
mruby-uri-parser URI parser for mruby
mruby-userdata When shared mrb_state, you can share userdata objects between one Ruby code and the other.
mruby-uv libuv interface
mruby-vedis vedis binding
mruby-win32ole A port of CRuby's WIN32OLE to mruby.        
mruby-winapp Create non-console application for windows
mruby-WiringPi Binding for Wiring function of the Raspberry Pi
mruby-wslay mruby wrapper for wslay
mruby-yaml YAML parser and emitter
mruby-yeah mruby on tiny rails
mruby-zabbix zabbix 2.0 API client class
mruby-zlib ZLib bindings for MRuby
mruby-zstd mruby bindings for zstd


arrow Evaluated by below development environments

・Mac OSX  macOS Sierra 10.13.4

     gcc (Apple LLVM version 9.1.0 (clang-902.0.39.1))

・Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

    gcc (Ubuntu 5.4.0-6ubuntu1-16.04.9) 5.4.0 20160609

・Microsoft Windows 7 Professional SP1

・Microsoft Windows 10 Version 1709 (Fall Creators Update)

青Visual C++

 Windows Visual Sudio 2017 Community

  Microsoft(R) C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 19.12.25831 for x86


    MINGW32_NT-6.2 1.0.19(0.48/3/2) 2016-07-13 17:45 i686 Msys

   gcc.exe ( GCC-6.3.0-1) 6.3.0


 CYGWIN_NT-10.0 2.9.0(0.318/5/3) 2017-09-12 10:18 x86_64 Cygwin

   gcc (GCC) 6.4.0

青WSL(Win10 Bash)

   Linux 4.4.0-43 Microsoft #1-Microsoft Wed Dec 31 14:42:53 PST 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64

  gcc (Ubuntu 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.5) 5.4.0 20160609

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Stable v 1.3 download(July. 2017) Stable v 1.4 download(Jan. 2018)  momo mrubymomo-mruby download





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