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Ruby Contet Forum was taken place

Fukuoka Prefecture had launched "Fukuoka Content Industry Hub Promotion Committee" in 2006, and aloso launched Fukuoka Ruby Buisness Hub Promotion Committee in 2008. In 2012 ,Fukuoka Prefecture integrates these 2 committee and launces new committe as " Fukuoka Ruby-Content Buisiness Promotion Committe".Today a General Meeting was taken place.

Mr.Hiroshi Ogawa , Fukuoka prefectural governor, is elected as a Honorary chairman of this committe and Mr.Tomoyuki Sugiyama ,Principal of Degital Hollywood Univercity , is elected as a Chairman of this committe, and Matz is elected as a a special advisor.



Matz delivered "Capability of Ruby which is expanded by mruby"

After the General meeting, the president of Fukuoka CSK. Senshi Ogawa gave an explanation about NPO "mruby forum".


The mruby application Demonstration: Application which makes to manipulate Robot which is installed at another place. The operation is done via iPad.(Fukuoka CSK)


Date 2012.June.3 '(Tue)
Revenue Hotel New Otani (Fukuoka)